Bathroom Fixtures: Hardware Trends to Watch This Year

Whether you’re undergoing a full remodel or just doing a small update, modern bathroom trends will undoubtedly influence your hardware purchases. But buying into short-lived trends can be risky. You don’t want to invest in a trend that will fall out of style in a few months.

That’s why we put together this list of sophisticated, long-term bathroom styling ideas.

No matter what your design goals are, these fixture and hardware design trends are classically attractive.

Colors and Materials

Faucet finish has been traditionally overlooked by home buyers. However, a growing appreciation for bathroom design has made it a more important consideration, explains writer Jackie Dishner. In 2017 and 2018, we’ll see bathroom designs that challenge traditional fixtures through experimental materials, colors and finishes.


Brass is one material that many home designers have moved away from in the past decade. Now, brass is back, and it’s more sophisticated than ever.

Style Blueprint says that brass should be treated like an accessory. When it’s incorporated tastefully and strategically, it never goes out of style.

Colored Metals

In addition to traditional fixtures such as nickel, chrome and brass, design writer Diane Cowen expects finishes like champagne bronze and rose gold to become more popular.

Unlike chrome fixtures, these bronze and rose-gold fixtures are warmer and less shiny. Bryan Sebring adds that gold-toned accents offer a more traditional feel that complement trends we’re seeing in light fixtures and mirrors.

Mixed Metals

Christine Brown, design gallery manager at HHHunt Homes, says matching fixtures is less important, and creative metal combinations are on the rise.

Interior designer Kathy Kuo suggests pairing warm metals, like gold and brass, with cooler metals like chrome and silver. This gives your bathroom a more sophisticated and intriguing look.

Kristie Barnett at The Decorologist agrees. “Combining metals can look fabulous if it’s artfully done,” she adds.

Dark Fixtures

From a design and styling perspective, black bathroom elements are always popular because they go with everything. But if you’re seeking a bolder look, Fireclay Tile recommends pairing black fixtures with colorful or handmade tile that can ground a space while adding natural variation.

Matte Black

As Linda Holt Interiors explains, black matte and faucets that combine black matte with brass are on the rise.

Industry magazine Kitchen Bath Trends explains that black fixtures are also practical because they don’t show dirt and fingerprints as much as lighter metals. Jeanne Chung of Cozy Stylish Chic agrees. She says that non-polished elements are a common choice because they’re much easier to clean (and you don’t have to clean them as often, either).

Fixture Styles

Having a harmonious and consistent bathroom design can actually make a bathroom look outdated, according to Wisa Solutions. That’s why today’s designers are getting more playful with fixtures that push the boundaries of traditional form and function.

As current designers are interested in clean, simple design, Kitchen and Bath Design Trends adds that most popular fixture styles are those which enhance functionality in a minimalist way.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Interior designer Carla Aston notes that vessel sinks are becoming much more prevalent, and they’re often paired with faucets that mount on the wall. Wall-mounted faucets are becoming a popular choice because they’re equal parts minimal and functional.

Natural Materials

As homeowners make an effort to incorporate more eco-friendly elements into their home, the world is seeing more household elements made from natural materials. Tile Mountain adds that terracotta is a popular bathroom material, and buyers who want a more earthy bathroom feel can look out for clay in orange tones, cinnamon shades and muted saffron.

Elevations Design Solutions explains that natural materials look best when balanced with more muted metals, such as antique brass and oil rubbed bronze.

Connected Fixtures and Smart Bathroom Technology

Following the low-flow toilet trend are low-flow faucets and showerheads. Water-efficient designs are becoming a key concern for remodelers because they can help homeowners save on water bills.

In an interview with the Scott Brothers from HGTV, Inman managing editor Caroline Feeney says that touchless plumbing fixtures are on the rise. Similar to touchless faucets are digital showering systems, which make it easy to control multiple shower functions through a single touch.

My Kukun adds that with digital showers, you can “easily control water temperature, water pressure, steam, lights, and more” with a single touch.

Technologically-advanced fixtures are not only sustainable and convenient; they also add a touch of class to modern homes.