The Science of Flow

Designer bathroom bathtubs with a classic yet contemporary European aesthetic.

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Made In Europe

Multigenerational production facility with skills and techniques perfected over many decades

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Superior Heat Retention

Cast iron absorbs heat from water and then replaces it as water cools. This keeps your bath warm for much longer.

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Original Designs

All designs created in-house in Eruope. Our designs are the ones that are often copied by low cost imitators.

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Titanium Dioxide Enamel

Most robust enamel used in bathubs anywhere. Hardest, lease porous, and most resistant to acidic and alkaline cleaning agents. Very unforgiving to apply. Must precisely control the contraction of the enamel and iron which is only possible on sand castings.

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Sand Cast

Costly casting technique designed to carefully control thickness or iron which is important for enameling stage.

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All bathubs manufactured in compliance with EU environmental protection standards.