Sensory Marketing: Spa Ambience in the Showroom

From the calming massage to the relaxing music, everyone enjoys going to the spa. Most people enjoy it so much, in fact, that it can often be hard to leave. What if you could recreate this same effect on the showroom floor? If you’re in the business of showing bathrooms, you’re already halfway there. Here’s how to tap into customer senses to create a spa-like experience that boosts sales and consumer happiness.

The Essentials of Staging a Spa-Like Bathroom

Many of our showroom tips come from professional home stagers, who know better than anyone how to make a bathroom feel luxurious to buyers. According to Décor Aid CEO Sean Juneja, spa-style bathrooms have clean lights and a modern look that create a light, airy feel. Additionally, home staging expert Kristine Ginsberg says that simple staging can create emotional connections that entice buyers. For example, strategically placed soaps and towels can help the space feel comfortable and inviting.

Make a Splash With the Right Amenities

There are many small decor details that help create the spa experience, but it’s important to avoid clutter. Travel writer Lindsay Lambert Day says that fresh all-white linens can make a major difference in sprucing up a bathroom for show. White towels can be rolled up in a basket alongside fresh soaps to create an inviting spa-like feeling. Additionally, salespeople can recreate the spa experience by adding a few creature comforts. Diane Henkler of the In My Own Style Blog writes, “Some fresh flowers, a bar of soap and a candle help make the counter feel more spa-like without making it look cluttered.” In addition to flowers, Sacramento real estate agent Elizabeth Weintraub suggests adding a few simple plants for a feeling of life and vibrancy.

Set the Ambience With Light and Color

Another way to make a display bathroom shine is to leverage light and color. Barbara Pilcher of DIY Home Styling Tips suggests using pale blues and greens to reflect light in the room. A color with a high LRV, or light reflective value, can keep the things looking bright and fresh on the bathroom floor. A staging room’s trim should also be painted in a way that either minimizes or emphasizes certain elements. Debra Gould of Staging Diva says that certain trim, like that near the toilet, can be painted the same way as the wall in order to reduce distraction.

Provide a Sense of Space and Depth

It’s important to create an open and inviting space on the showroom floor. Redefy Real Estate suggests nixing rugs to emphasize bathroom elements and make the room feel larger. Prep This House adds that a strategically placed mirror can make a space feel larger, especially when placed near a bathtub.

Set the Mood

Showrooms will always feature beautiful products and functional design. But to really entice the consumer, North Shore Pool & Spa owner Chris Callanan suggests taking the showroom spa experience a step further. Creating a “mood room” allows the customer to try out a tub, shower or any other product. This allows the customer to visualize the product in their own home, which makes the purchase decision easier.

Don’t Be Afraid to Incorporate Technology

According to First Supply sales and operations manager Jennifer Piper, today’s home shoppers are attracted to showrooms that feature technology. “Consumers are comfortable with technology, so they are looking for tools such as digital valves and products connected to their devices,” she says. Technology writer Jeremy Kahn agrees that high-end shoppers are becoming increasingly connected. In response, he adds, retailers are trying out new technologies that promise a more connected experience between physical and online experiences.

Capture the Calmness of a Span With the Right Music

One way to incorporate technology into the showroom is to add wireless speakers. Glen Peloso of Peloso Alexander Interiors suggests adding bluetooth speakers to bathrooms, which can help mimic the feeling of being at the spa. Product designer Humayun Khan points out that a music’s tempo can determine how long a consumer stays in a store. For example, one music study showed that slower songs keep people in a restaurant for longer. So, if you want to keep your showroom visitors lingering, classical or instrumental music just may do the trick.

Take Cues from the World of Aromatherapy

One reason spas are so relaxing is because they use aromatherapy to gently put you at ease. As Faucets N Fixtures explains, aromatherapy “uses natural oils that come from flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, and other parts of plants.” The scent from these natural oils is meant to improve physical and mental wellness, so tapping into customers’ sense of smell can make a big difference in the showroom. Designer Bath showroom manager Robin Davis adds that aromatherapy, in addition to elements like steam, can help create a total spa experience. If you really want to create a memorable experience in your showroom, consider crafting a scent of your own. At Ad Age, Minda Smiley writes that many marketers work with companies such as AirQ and ScentAir to create a fragrance that reflects their brands. Overall, a bathroom showroom manager should use spa elements to create customer happiness. After all, as Smart Retailer points out, customers who are in a happy mood are more likely to make a purchase.