Create The Look: a Luxury Bathroom

All bathroom remodels have more or less the same goal: to create a space that feels fresh, clean and inviting. For some homeowners, it only takes a crisp coat of paint and new faucet to transform a bathroom. Others won’t be satisfied until their space sparkles with glitz, glamour and luxury.

Working with the latter kind of bathroom remodeler can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. If your client is searching for something glamorous, follow these decor ideas to create a bathroom fit for royalty.

Wall Decor

Glamorous bathrooms don’t stop at simple white wall color and ordinary tile flooring. When choosing glamorous decor, it’s important to always dial things up a notch.

Home and style writer Alicia Brunker showcases a glamorous bathroom with silver-colored walls. Paired with floor to ceiling windows and a mirror that reflects all light, the silver has a dramatic brightening effect on the entire space. Silver and shimmer-tinted paint is a great choice for walls that aim to balance other bold elements, like a mosaic tile wall or a colorful bathtub.

Designer Diana Hathaway says a monochromatic color scheme helps create an expensive, spa-like look. To find the right color for a bathroom, she suggests starting with a soothing medium tone, then layering on lighter and darker colors to create a monochromatic spectrum. Since most paint sample strips are arranged in a light to dark scheme, they’re a good place to start for ideas.

Wallpaper is another versatile decor element that always looks glamorous. Whether you adorn just one wall or all four, wallpaper always makes a statement. Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason, hosts of HGTV's Sneak Peek with AphroChic, explain that using a bold print like leopard can make a bold, sophisticated statement. This exotic print pairs well with classy gem tones like emerald and gold. Oversized wallpaper patterns are also used to create glamour, especially in small bathrooms that need an extra oomph.

For a different kind of wall decoration, painted wall quotes are an elegant option. Bathroom remodeler Bath Fitter writes that wall quotes are easy to add on and change without damaging the wall. A simple one-word statement can be used to add drama and intrigue, whereas a famous quote can add a touch of inspiration.

Art and Photography

From original acrylic pieces to Andy Warhol prints, luxurious homes spare no expense when it comes to art. Adding statement art to a bathroom is a simple way to dial up its glamorous appeal.

London-based interior designer Melanie Lissack adorns her bathroom with vintage art that she’s collected over the years. Fashion-inspired images and vintage magazine covers work well in feminine bathrooms, especially when partnered with black and white frames. To go beyond traditional landscapes, try adding glamour shots of friends and family. Fashion editor Laurel Pantin shows how Lauren Remington Platt, founder of the luxury beauty service Vênsette, used this technique by adding two black and white glamour shots of herself to her personal bathroom. Framed in elegant bronze-colored frames, the photos add an intimate, one-of-a-kind touch to the space. Prints of famous artists, musicians or writers can have the same effect, incorporating personal cultural tastes into the mix.

Sculpture can also make a serious statement in the bathroom. Colleen Eagan at Elle Decor shows how with a hanging sculpture by the famous mid century artist Harry Bertoia. Set over the elegant marble tub, the piece takes on the feeling of a chandelier albeit with a more minimalist, modern vibe. From obtaining the piece to installing it, a hanging sculpture is certainly an over the top gesture. And that’s exactly why they’re so luxurious.


Every glamorous bathroom needs a collection of accessories. HouseMix, a decor and organizing blog, recommends layering accessories in white, cream and silver. Shiny silver trays with mirrored bottoms are always a classy touch. These trays can be placed on a vanity and adorned with perfume bottles, glass jars and flowers. White clocks and freshly scented candles also add an elegant aura to a bathroom.

Chic furniture is another way to accessorize a bathroom. Interior style blog Curated Interior features a bathroom with an antique wooden statement chair. The chair is upholstered in a vintage-inspired floral fabric and tucked into a chic marble vanity. The wood from the chair adds warmth to the space while the patterned fabric gives character. Another glamorous piece of bathroom furniture is a versatile bench. Often created from metal and topped with leather or another plush fabric, these pieces exude both form and function. Designer Ashlina Kaposta showcases a glamorous Chicago bathroom with a small bench beside a marble bathtub. This bench features a slim gold frame and white leather that feels posh and sophisticated.

If accessorizing an already glamorous bathroom feels like a stretch, journalist Helen Racanelli offers a few tips at Style at Home. Racanelli says that glamorous bathrooms usually feature feminine-inspired accents and fixtures. Look for curvy accent furniture, mirrored accessories and items that feel shapely and soft.

Go Retro

Whether it’s a chandelier or a chaise lounge, there are a few retro design elements that never stop feeling glamorous.

Design editor Talib Choudhry showcases a glamorous bathroom inspired by classic movies like The Shining and Saturday Night Fever. Drawing inspiration from these movies as well as art deco styles resulted in a dark bathroom brimming with opulence. The black bathtub, sink and toilet also make a bold nod to days gone past, straying far from the pristine white fixtures that are popular today.

Retro colored wall elements can also add a vintage vibe to a modern bathroom. Lauren Shaver at Bless ‘Er House used a light minty green to repaint existing beadboard. The minty beadboard is then paired with black and white wallpaper that features a dainty floral pattern. The black and white floral theme feels timeless, while the staple vintage color gives the room a glamorous old school feeling.

Imported Materials

Playing up imported stone and marble is another way to add luxury, according to decorating and lifestyle website Sand and Sisal. They suggest pairing marble stones with European elements, like elegant round mirrors and dramatic wire wall sconces. This creates an exotic feeling like staying in a European hotel – perfect for the home of a globetrotter. To break up a stone wall and add intrigue, Prisma Magazine suggests adding borders or highlights to the wall.

Using glass or mosaic tiles can brighten up the wall with light or color to maintain a high class feel. It’s popular to use this type of border accent around the top and bottom edges of a wall. Designer and photographer Dee Gibson at My Velvet Orange shows how mosaic tile can also look great around a built-in shower shelf. Colored mosaic tile is an especially great way to add glam to a wall that’s tiled in a white or pastel color.

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