Cheviot Cast Iron Bathtubs To Include Anti-Slip

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report from 2011, tens of thousands of household accidents happen in the bathroom every year. And most of those happen in the tub or shower. It's not surprising; combine water and soap with a non-porous floor, and you have the perfect conditions for an accidental fall. The potential harm from a fall ranges from a bruise or bump, all the way up to fatal. One of the recommendations from this report was to add an anti-slip surface to the tub or shower to prevent falls.

Luxury should not have to come at the expense of safety. In 2015, Cheviot Products will be transitioning all of our cast iron bathtubs to include an anti-slip base. Most of our stock now comes with anti-slip.

Some homeowners have expressed a concern that a textured base might affect their enjoyment of the tub. Common drop-in and alcove tubs often have a somewhat roughly-textured base that feels bumpy to the touch because these tubs usually include a shower as well. Cheviot freestanding tubs feature a simple pattern sandblasted into the enamel on the tub floor, allowing you to get in and out of your tub safely while still offering a comfortable surface to sit on while you bathe.

Aftermarket spray-on or brush-on anti-slip surfaces are soft and can hold dirt or stains. The anti-slip pattern on a Cheviot Products tub is nearly invisible, and is part of the non-porous enamel and can be cleaning the same as the rest of the tub surface.

Cheviot's anti-slip base is the ideal convergence of safety and beauty.

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