2019 Bathroom Upgrade: Designer Tips For a More Elegant Space

Design trends may come and go, but one thing always remains certain: a beautiful bathroom is an enjoyable one. When you add elegant, inspiring touches to the bathroom, it becomes less like a utilitarian space and more like an at-home spa.

If you’re looking to refresh your bathroom in the coming year, follow these designer tips for upgrading the space.

Choose Nordic Furniture Design

The Nordic countries are known for having sleek, inviting spaces and a minimalist lifestyle, and this is a look that we’ll see more of in 2019 and beyond. Danes people are especially known for compact and organized design, and this shines through in their bathroom décor. Adapting these principles in your own bathroom renovation can make the space feel both sleek and functional.

Norm Architects, a Danish furniture design studio, certainly embodies these ideas. As InteriorZine writes, Norm Architects is “inspired by mid-century industrial interiors and embodying the Nordic attitude towards simplicity and elegance in combination with creative Italian craftsmanship this collection successfully satisfies the market search for versatile bathroom furniture.”

Create Elegant Victorian Vibes

Whether it’s a clawfoot tub or a sachet of potpourri, every elegant bathroom needs a touch of Victorian-inspired decor. One way to create a Victorian look in 2019 is to opt for dark walls and elegant architecture, journalist and blogger Lotte Brouwer explains.

She says a clawfoot tub is one of the most powerful ways to create a Victorian vibe in the bathroom. “Remaining a crucial component in today’s chicest bathrooms, a shapely freestanding tub with ball-and-claw feet is virtually de rigueur.” Cast iron tubs are also timeless, so they’re a strong investment option too.

Opt for Exciting, Art-Inspired Tile

Tile is a standard in bathroom design, but that doesn’t mean your tile has to be basic. In fact, updating the tile in your bathroom can dramatically transform the space. This is especially true if you replace plain tiles with pattern-filled ones.

“In 2019, you’ll see the reemergence of patterned tiles, perhaps reflective of this year’s renewed focus on artisanship and craftsmanship,” according to contemporary furniture designer Boca do Lobo. Espresso tones, narrow subway tiles, fish scales and floral patterns are just a few examples of tile designs that are making a big splash now and in the coming year.

Use Natural Rock and Stone

In recent years, the influence of Scandinavian architecture had everyone running to install wood into the bathroom. But this will all change in 2019, Elizabeth Clarke at Domain writes. This is because designers are turning to natural rock and stone as decorative elements in the bathroom.

“Natural and man-made stone trumps the current trend for wood, with designers set to revel in it,” Clarke explains. Today’s designers suggest adding natural stone in more creative, subtle ways, like buying a beautiful marble soap tray, for example.

Swap a Mirror For a Window

A vanity and mirror combination is a must for almost every bathroom. But have you ever considered putting a vanity in front of a window instead of a bathroom? Home decor writer Monique Valeris shows an example of this avant-garde approach in her Elle Decor article of top bathroom trends for 2019.

You can still put a small mirror in front of the window, which gives the best of both worlds: ample natural light and the ability to see one’s self. This approach looks particularly elegant when paired with floral wallpaper, as seen in Valeris’ article.

Choose Straightforward, Metallic Tapware

Are you ready for a tapware upgrade that will make your bathroom look instantly more beautiful? This upcoming year will be filled with straight, square tapware in matte and metallic shades. Think gold, champagne and bronze for both faucets and handles.

Home accessories brand Ziporah Lifestyle says these looks will replace the black matte tapware trends of the past few years. Plus, elegant metallic tapware has a more timeless look than black, which will likely look outdated in the next decade.

Expose Your Hardware

Exposed hardware was popular with the modern industrial interior design trends of 2015 and 2016. While this trend is still going strong, 2019 will see exposed pipes in a more elegant way.

House Beautiful writer Sienna Fantozzi showcases how gold piping can tie in with the gold metals of faucets, mirrors and lighting fixtures for a more cohesive look. Pipes should match other metal elements in the bathroom for a look that is cohesive and streamlined.

Wash Up in Ornate, Detailed Sinks

One of the most unique trends of 2019 is focused on sinks more sophisticated. In particular, this trend looks at updating ordinary sinks with more ornate and elegant ones.

Some of the most beautiful sink basins on the market today have hammered metal finishes, writes interior design firm, The Gates Company. Shiny metallic sinks are also on trend, and they balance out with matte hardware and countertop finishes for a look that’s both muted and flashy.

Get Excited About Earth Tones

We’ve already discussed the major impact that natural stone is going to have on bathroom trends in 2019. But what colors should be used to balance these tones? According to luxury bathroom retailer Maison Valentina, earth tones are the hottest look for the upcoming year.

Specifically, beige, blond, forest green and ashy colors like charcoal will all lead. These colors work well with natural stones like marble, limestone and granite. As millennial pink becomes less popular, Maison Valentina says, these colors will take center stage.

Go for Green

There’s one other color poised to take over in 2019, so much so that it deserves its own dedicated tip. Green is the color leading bathroom palettes this coming year and it can be used in more ways than one.

“Green is making a massive statement in interior design – everything from fabrics all the way through to shower dividers, bold tiles and even green baths,” Bathroom by Design’s Heather Darby writes. This also ties into the succulent and bathroom greenery trend that’s still going strong across all design styles.


Tile Bathroom Spaces with Terrazzo

We’ve looked at the different types of tile that will add more pizzazz to bathrooms in 2019. To really stay ahead of the trend and make your bathroom feel more exotic, why not opt for terrazzo tile?

Terrazzo is a composite material that comes in many colors and styles. It usually combines marble, quartz and other suitable materials. “From decorative accent pieces, to wall refacing, or even countertops or backsplashes, terrazzo can be found a little bit everywhere. As for bathroom décor, this composite can be found mainly on shower floors – replacing the traditional porcelain tiling,” Andrew Collins at RenoAssistance writes.

Accent Special Areas with Tile

With patterned tile trending in 2019, designers and homeowners need to know how to use it to best effect. One of the best ways to use unique tiles is in the shower area, Kaitlin Schuler at Professional Remodeler magazine explains.

Specifically, mixing and matching different tile patterns spices things up and makes the space more exciting. This is especially true in bathrooms where the shower serves as the centerpiece element, with the surrounding tile walls providing contrast and visual interest.

Create a Japanese Wet Room

Wet rooms are a great way to make bathrooms feel airier and more open while also dividing the space. In 2019, more designers and homeowners will opt for this approach, Rebecca Senyard at The Plumbette explains.

Wet rooms are popular because they clearly delineate the showering and bathing area from the rest of the bathroom. In Japanese culture, this helps protect the culture of bathing so that it retains its cleansing and spiritual ritual.

Simplify Your Storage

Bathrooms are notorious for being busy and cluttered. Storage design in 2019 will continue seeking to minimize mess and keep the overall look more streamlined, countertop support brackets provider, The Original Granite Bracket, says.

Open shelving and floating vanities will be the go-to choice for storage in 2019. This leaves room for essentials, yet eliminates the need for excess toiletries. It also echoes a kitchen cabinetry trend, with many designers nixing the top row of cabinetry all together in order to brighten the space.

Spruce Up Your Lighting

Ordinary vanity lights are so last year. As bathroom designs get overall more playful and experimental, lighting design is following suit. While there’s no particular lighting trend leading the way in 2019, London Design Collective says it’s all about being bold and fresh.

This could mean swapping out a standard light fixture for an elegant, mini faux chandelier, for example. Or installing two industrial-inspired wall sconces to create a more dramatic look around the vanity. No matter what new lighting look you decide on, be sure to make choose something that supports the mood you want to create in the bathroom.

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