Ramsay Fireclay Kitchen Sink

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Ramsay Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Starting Price:

Ramsay Fireclay Kitchen Sink
Ramsay Fireclay Kitchen Sink
$1,585.00 CAD
Ramsay Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Product Specifications

Model# Dimensions
1902-MB Matte Black
1902-WH-OLD Gloss White
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Application: Apron Front - Sink accommodates both undercounter and counter surface level installations.

Material: Pressure Cast Fireclay for lifetime durability

Glaze: High-tenacity Hygiene Glaze is resistant to chipping due to sudden heat changes and impacts, and inhibits growth of harmful bacteria by 99.9%.

Minimum Base Cabinet: #1902: 36"

Number of Bowls: Double bowl is perfect for multitasking.

Bowl Depth: 9" depth for ideal working space.

Bowl Floor: Sloped to minimize water pooling.

Drain Position: Centre of each bowl.

Included Accessories: Premium stainless steel grids and strainers included ensuring sink stays pristine while effortlessly handling daily demands.

Garbage Disposal Compatibility: Yes. Sink is designed to easily accommodate garbage disposal installations, making clean-up a breeze.

Prop65 and FDA Tested: Yes. Sink has undergone rigorous Prop65 and FDA testing for comfort and peace of mind.

Why Choose Cheviot


Few companies excel in both traditional and contemporary styles, so whether you’re looking for a sleek geometric tub or a traditional claw-foot, Cheviot has your look covered. Our offerings also come in a variety of colors and accessories to compliment your space and personal style.


For Cheviot, functionality has to come first, whether it’s sand casting to control thickness in our tubs, to incorporate robust enamel for strenght and durability, or implementing ceramic cartiges for the smoothest most durable flow in our faucets. A Cheviot’s product will function flawlessly today and in years to come.


We collaborated with some of the top interior designers in the field to bring the customers what they want. Globally recognized designers such as Ruy Ohtake, Teri Pecora, Joao Armentano, and Fernanda Marques has collaborated with us on our products design.


We pride ourselves in offering quality products for our customers, details such as our cast irons bathtubs are made in Europe, with multigenerational production facilities that infused skills and techniques past down from many generations. Another example is the use of Vitreous Enamel in our sinks which will ensure a lifetime of durability and ease of cleaning.

Ramsay Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Ramsay Fireclay Kitchen Sink

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