Trends, Tips and Tricks for a Pinterest-Worthy Bathroom

We’ve all seen the bathrooms on Pinterest. Trademarked by elaborate mosaic tiles, elegant clawfoot tubs and colorful decor, these spaces seem like something out of a fairy tale. In fact, Pinterest bathrooms often look so perfect and put-together, they sometimes feel impossible to recreate.

Luckily, adopting the right trends and decor styles is the trick to achieving an elegant bathroom look. Here’s how to help your customers and clients create Pinterest-worthy bathrooms to be proud of.

Getting Started with a Remodel

Pinterest is an invaluable resource when seeking bathroom inspiration. Keep in mind, though, that a bathroom remodel should still flow well with the rest of the house.

Reliance Design Build says that it’s a good idea to refer back to the history of a house. When was it built? What pleasing characteristics and styles can be played up in the bathroom? Think of each room in a house like a puzzle. The bathroom is one important piece that has to fit into the rest to create a cohesive look. Aftering considering a house’s history, the rest of the bathroom planning can commence.

Whites and Marble

The land of Pinterest bathrooms is filled with bright whites and soothing neutrals. White is a popular decor choice because it makes small rooms look larger and reflects light that helps a space photograph well.

To achieve this look in a bathroom, consider marble on walls, floors or countertops. Home remodeler Sebring Services says that today’s homeowners have many options to choose from when deciding on marble tile. Soft marble color tones featuring large-scale tile patterns have also become popular.

To incorporate marble on a budget, think about this luxurious stone on a smaller scale. Gemma Bonham-Carter, a budget home style blogger at The Sweetest Digs, explains how marble can also be added in the form of small accessories and additions. For example, marble soap dispensers, vanity trays and tissue box covers all look elegant without costing a fortune. Marble drawer pulls and shower curtain hooks also add a touch of class to hardware details.

Sliding Barn Doors

Home style blog Mountain Modern Life writes that sliding barn doors are another popular, Pinterest-worthy addition to any home. Sliding barn doors are a great way to add character to a bathroom. A single sliding barn door boasts a more traditional look, while double doors feel more rustic and homely.

There are different types of wood layouts which in turn affect mood and theme. Popular styles include large vertical planks, horizontal pieces, and even zig zag or chevron designs. To further play up a rustic look created by sliding barn doors, add a wooden backsplash to the bathroom. Singapore-based hiring service Kaodim shows how wood can enhance an accent wall behind a freestanding tub. This look can be created using real wood, or tiles with a wood pattern.


Few things shout “Pinterest-worthy bathroom” quite like a shower plant. Plus, Samantha Scelzo at Mashable explains that the bathroom plant trend is incredibly easy to take advantage of. Since bathrooms are so humid from frequent bathing and showering, shower plants rarely have to be watered. Succulents and cacti are especially great additions to bathrooms because they’re trendy, comforting and easy to take care of.

Interior designer Becki Owens added a tall cactus and succulent art to an all-white bathroom project. The closeup green and pink plant photograph features pastel colors that soften and brighten the space. It’s also encased in a gold frame, which compliments warm fixtures in the bathroom.

If there’s not a lot of free counter space in a bathroom, there are other options. For example, you can opt for a large potted plant and tuck it in a corner near a bathtub or sink. ComfyDwelling writes that you can also try hanging a plant from the ceiling. This method helps a plant reach more light and livens up the shower experience.

Coastal-Inspired Bathroom

We’ve all seen the luxurious, beachside bathrooms that adorn vacation homes across Pinterest.

To create a coastal-inspired bathroom, 3Beaches Fabrics and Furnishings suggests pairing traditional clawfoot tubs and copper fixtures with the right textiles.

A coastal bath mat design with towels in natural colors can add a sense of hospitality and comfort. A lush bathrobe hanging from the door is another addition that can amp up the spa-like feel of a bathroom. To enhance the character of an older home, Jennifer Flores of the design blog Rambling Renovators suggests mixing metals. She says that this “casual, collected-over-time” feel looks great in a cottage bathroom, especially when paired with bright white elements.

Global Inspiration

One commonality across Pinterest bathrooms is that they always feel inspirational and cultured. Whether Moroccan tile or reclaimed Cape Cod barnwood, infusing global inspiration helps a space feel dynamic and cultured.

As explained by Departures and Arrivals, a global-inspired homeware retailer, an element of culture adds soul to a bathroom. Woven rugs and textiles are a great place to start, as they often evoke a powerful, worldly feeling. Tiles are another way to infuse a strong story into your bathroom, with Oriental, Peranakan, Turkish and Moroccan designs dominating.

Home style blogger Iron and Twine shows how tiles can also be mixed and matched for an eclectic look. Using a large print design for the tile floor, in addition to a small print tile design for the wall, feels balanced and welcoming.

Beyond tiles and textiles, interior designer and blogger Simone Aïda Baur of Global Inspirations Design explains that wooden bathroom floors can create a sense of harmony. While many people avoid wood in the bathroom, durable wood flooring options are becoming increasingly available. Dark wood adds a touch of sophistication and can create a consistent theme throughout a home that uses wood in other areas.

Lifestyle and design blogger Simply Beautiful by Angela says that vinyl wood flooring can create the same look on a budget. This is a better option if you have children, or if it’s a guest bathroom that’ll get plenty of use.

Black and White

Black and white bathrooms offer a sleek, timeless look. One way to add this theme comes from My Domaine editorial director Julia Millay Walsh. When opting for an all-black vanity, she says a white countertop and floor helps keep it balanced. Additionally, black and white elements can be brought further together with a black and white accent wall. Patterned wallpaper is a great way to mimic a mosaic tile wall, and with a lot less effort. In this example, the standout black and white wall ties the entire bathroom together and gives it the extra pizazz all Pinterest-worthy bathrooms need.

YLiving offers another approach to an accent wall in a black and white bathroom. Rather than a mosaic pattern, YLiving’s example features a woodsy theme with white trees painted gracefully on a black background. Since this is a small bathroom, a large mirror with beveled edges is an important addition for enhancing space and light.

Black tile is another glamorous trend gracing bathrooms on Pinterest, according to Interior decorator Maria Killam. She suggests balancing a dark tile backsplash with dark floors to create a cohesive look. Killam also says that choosing shiny tile over matte finishes helps more light bounce around and keeps the room feeling bright and welcoming. Black and white combinations usually don’t work well with a rustic look, so stay away from too much wood and natural materials when going for this theme.

Images by: bialasiewicz/©123RF Stock Photo, Luisella Planeta Leoni, Ulrich Dregler