Remodeling to Sell: How a Beautiful Bathroom Can Close The Deal

From inviting walls and fixtures to sparkling counters and floors, a bathroom speaks volumes about the overall value of a home. And when remodeling a house to sell, it’s important that homeowners realize the importance of a well-designed bathroom.

Bathrooms are so significant, in fact, they come in a close second after kitchens for being the most important room in a home. For Sale By Owner says that to increase a home’s market value, homeowners should always remodel the bathroom first.

To ensure the most return on an investment, here’s how to paint, update and remodel a bathroom that pleases homebuyers and maximizes profits.

Planning a Remodel

When planning to sell a home, remodeling the bathroom is one of the best investments one can make. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind in order to get the most value for the house in question. First and foremost, it’s a good idea to put personal style interests aside. Instead of designing based on personal preferences, Dawn Marie Smith explains that it’s the homebuyer (not the seller) who dictates what’s in style, what’s out of style and what makes a home sell.

The best way to appeal to homebuyers is to opt for universal design whenever possible. As journalist Phoebe Chongchua explains, a remodel must be appealing to the masses. This means opting for fresh, traditional design instead of trendy, modern styles that some people may not like. Simpler bathroom designs also lend themselves well to many different types of decor, so potential homeowners can see more promise in personalizing the bathroom however they’d like.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that even the most classic, universal bathroom designs still need to make an impression on buyers. Jessenia Toro of MyHome says to include a few items that will attract the buyer’s attention and create a wow factor, as that’s how to get the most return on a remodel investment. From eye catching tile to a bright, sparkling vanity, think about what would help a home stand out from others on the market. Wow factors can also be added in decor elements like towels, soap holders and art, but the most important thing is considering how to impress buyers from the very beginning of a remodel.

Considering Potential Buyers

It’s fairly easy to choose fixtures and update designs that are simple, clean and classic. But are there any specific design styles modern buyers don’t like?

According to Jennifer Geddes of The Geddes Team: Keller Williams, today’s homebuyers are turned off by bathrooms that are too white or too minimalist. Bathrooms with all white floors and walls can be hard to keep clean, and too much minimalism feels sterile or impersonal. Another thing that turns potential buyers off is mirrored medicine cabinets. Today’s buyers are opting for open shelving that showcases their products and makes everything they need accessible.

Its also smart to avoid quirky designs or vintage colors. For example, Five Star Bath Solutions explains that 1950’s pink is once again a trendy choice for vanities and sinks. But since this is a quirky choice that not many people like, it decreases the number of people who will realistically be interested in the home. Narrowing a buyer pool is never a good idea because it’ll only make it harder to sell a home at the desired price.

Another thing to stay away from, according to writer and style expert Brie Dyas, is metallic colors. These can become outdated quickly and create an inconsistent look across a home. Instead, try calm, approachable colors. Although bathrooms are typically the smallest room in the home, bathroom wall color is often the most important.

As award-winning interior designer Kerrie Kelly points out, “bathrooms are a bit more standardized than kitchens, so certain wall colors can really change the look and feel of the space.” To start, think blue. In a Zillow report which analyzed over 32,000 photos of sold homes, shades of powder blue, gray and periwinkle were found to increase a home’s value by as much as $5,400. Alternatively, the report found that homes with stark white bathrooms sold for an average of $4,035 less than otherwise similar homes.

Strategizing Changes

Before making changes, it’s important to look around a bathroom and assess what’s needed. Homeowners Hub recommends considering the layout, fixtures and style before changing anything. Which fixtures are functioning poorly? What decor elements are out of date? These questions help determine those changes most important in a bathroom update.

When deciding what needs to be changed, it’s also smart to think about what should stay. For example, Mitchell Parker of Mitch Parker Design Group suggests preserving vintage elements when remodeling an older home. If a home has vintage wall tiles, for example, it can be costly and labor-intensive to replace them. To save time and money, think about how to update other bathroom elements in a way that gives new life to existing tile.

Vanity Renovations

If a bathroom is in good condition and your customer is just looking for a simple update, Devon Thorsby suggests concentrating on the vanity. Changing out the vanity or updating its appearance can have a huge impact on the impression of a bathroom, and it can usually be accomplished at a low cost.

When remodeling a vanity, Redfin agent Timothy Maller suggests opting for quartz or marble, if possible. These countertops are good choices because they’re timeless, durable and easy to maintain. Plus, they can help boost a home’s value and help the home sell faster. According to research by Zillow, homes that had quartz countertops sold for six percent higher than the home’s original expected value. These same homes also sold 50 days sooner than homes without quartz in the bathroom, explains Erica Sooter of Dwell Beautiful.

Sebring Services adds that a modern bathroom sink can enhance the look and functionality of the space. Since there are so many types of modern sinks on the market today, a new sink is an easy way to incorporate a new style in the bathroom or to simply make an older bathroom look fresh and approachable. To further enhance the appearance of a new vanity, try adding bright, luxurious lighting fixtures. Hatfield Builders and Remodelers recommends sidelights for a vanity mirror, or rope lighting beneath a vanity.

Other Updates

Another way to amp up a bathroom is through fresh floor or backsplash tiles. Daltile says that it’s especially affordable to add new tile to a small bathroom. New tile can help a space feel clean, bright and new — all things that make a bathroom more appealing. To make tile shopping easier, consider creating a wow factor by mixing and matching tiles. Hey There, Home says that opting for white tile can be a great choice when you’re incorporating a splash of color with a row of tile or an accent wall. Stick to just three different tiles so things don’t get too crazy, and opt for whites and blues to keep things classic, yet still interesting.

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