Gisele, Khloé & Cameron: Inside the Bathrooms of the Rich and Famous

There’s something about the lives of celebrities that’s infinitely intriguing. From their daily dramas to the places they work and vacation, it’s always fun to imagine what a life of fame and glamour might be like. Likewise, celebrity homes are nothing short of fascinating, both for eye candy and real-life inspiration.

When you’re working with a client who seeks high-end style, celeb bathrooms are the go-to place to look for inspiration. Take a cue from the rich and famous and indulge in the bathroom designs of starlets like Gisele, Khloé and Cameron.

Different Approaches To Luxury

Let’s start with an introduction to varying luxury design styles, and how they apply to bathrooms in the valley of the dolls.

Coveted Hollywood designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard lent his creative eye to the homes of Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian, although both sisters have distinct styles. In Kourtney’s master bathroom, an elegant freestanding tub takes center stage in front of a large window. On both sides of the room, elegant vanities are graced with limestone countertops for a modern interpretation of luxury. Kholé assumes a much more glamorous style, with a dedicated vanity room as part of her bathroom suite. The room features incandescent bulbs, glass accents and a large, luminous mirror.

Ashe + Leandro, who designed the home of actress Naomi Watts, assumed a more contemporary, monochromatic approach to luxury. Both bathrooms black and white color pallette is broken up by pops of brassy gold and wood. The master bath features gold accents applied to already-luxurious touches, including the border of a sophisticated mirror, a magnificent light fixture and the elegant legs of a victorian chair. Luxurious bathrooms can also be imbued with warm, rustic touches.

Now that we’ve discussed the many ways celebrities approach luxury, here are tips on achieving certain looks and styles.

Exotic Luxury

For inspiration on exotic bathrooms, look no further than the Manhattan penthouse of renowned fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, designed by WORKac, an architecture firm started by Amale Andraos and Dan Wood.

The penthouse features a master suite with a terrace, plus a spiral staircase dotted with 3,000 Swarovski crystals. The bathroom is no exception to this extravagance, featuring a freestanding teak bathtub with custom fittings. Behind the tub, Eastern-inspired room dividers add color to make the space even more relaxing.

George Clooney’s home is also imbued with exotic luxury, though in a more subdued manner. His bathroom features a custom credenza, or side table, designed by Paulo Alves. The side wooden table is set inside the entryway, and the entire space is planned with a Spanish colonial aesthetic in mind.

For ideas on global decor touches, see the Los Angeles home of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi – designed by architectural firm Buff, Smith and Hensman and decorated by designer Melinda Ritz. The bathroom features two African stools in front of a spacious, walk-in shower. They serve as an alternative to towel racks and hooks, providing a place to put clothes, towels and toiletries when the shower is in use. When no one’s using the shower, the stools assume a decorative stance.

Rustic Luxury

For tips on how to create a look that’s both rustic and modern, take a hint from John Legend. He describes his home, which he shares with Chrissy Teigen, as “chic and tailored but earthy and casual.”

Legend and Teigen had their home designed by Don Stewart of Desiderata, a firm that’s also designed for Kanye West. In the bathroom, rift-cut teak graces an accent wall and floating cabinetry, balancing a contemporary sink style with warm surface elements. On the adjacent walls and floor, dark stone casts an elegant and luxurious feel that echoes the overall chic style of the home.

Need even more ideas on rustic luxury? Don’t worry – inspiration is infinite in Hollywood. See the home of Patrick Dempsey, who adopted a rustic look in his master bathroom along with the help of design firm Gehry Partners, LLC. Dempsey’s bathroom showcases a wide-planked wooden floor and a classic fringe rug before the built-in stone shower. This balance of wood and stone is a great example of how a rustic element can be paired with a traditionally glamorous material to achieve rustic luxury. This same effect is achieved with the juxtaposition of a colorful, flowering plant and a stark marble sculpture.

Classic Luxury

For clients seeking an effortless and traditional look, consider classic luxury. A primary source of inspiration is the home of TV Mogul Darren Starr, whose Hollywood home was designed by Waldo Fernandez, president of Waldo’s Designs, Inc.

The bathroom in this residence is lined with marble and illuminated by broad, airy windows. Its starkness of marble and black outlines would almost be overwhelming except these elements are expertly balanced by a leather accent chair, which pulls the warmth and color from outside into the space.

Design firm Joan Behnke & Associates created a similar look and feel in Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s home. In the couple’s master bath, Behnke achieved the classic feel of black and white by using off-whites with varying shades of navy blue, gray and brown. At the far end of the room, a built-in fireplace is set within a white wall and flanked by two built-in gray shelves. This bathroom shows how it’s possible to achieve a classic look with subtle touches of color.

Modern and Contemporary Luxury

Many stars and starlets turn to modern and contemporary design when creating their dream homes. Modern luxury is a realistic option for homeowners because it feel classy and high-end, but it doesn’t have to be over-the-top.

To see how this can be achieved, take a look at the bathroom in Will Ferrell’s Manhattan apartment, designed by Shawn Henderson. Here, a floating vanity, double mirrors and blue tile detailing allows an expansive feel to the modestly sized space, and keeps it looking fresh and bright. The full-length glass shower doors maintain a sleek and spacious vibe, even though the layout itself isn’t particularly extravagant.

Glamorous Luxury

When you’re an A-List celebrity, you don’t have to think twice about splurging on glitz and glamour.

This was clearly the thought pattern of Cameron Diaz when she teamed up with famed designer Kelly Wearstler to style her New York-based apartment bathroom. This space features iridescent metallic tile from the floor to the ceiling. It also has a crisp white vanity that’s donned with dozens of shimmering gold drawer pulls. From the marble floors to the oversized oval mirrors, every square foot of this art-deco bathroom oozes luxury.

For a different dose of glamour, turn to Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia, whose home was designed by James Paragano and Martin P. Mitchell. The master bathroom blends French neoclassic elements with modern style for a distinctly glamorous feel. Marble, glass, and varying shades of ivory, white and silver unite effortlessly.

Lastly, we’ll peek into the home of fashion designer Jenni Kayne. Kayne’s bathroom has a standout chrome tub that acts as the centerpiece in the room. This tub is anchored by an art-deco inspired lantern designed by eclectic and decorative furniture maker JF Chen. A wood floor and Persian rug tie these elements warmly together, and the broad mirror reflects the scene to create even more space.

Images by: skdesign/©123RF Stock Photo, kuprin28/©123RF Stock Photo