Bohemian Bathrooms: How to Master Effortless, Exotic Style

Dreamy Moroccan rugs, hand painted pots and tiles bursting with color – there are certain images that come to mind when we think of bohemian style. And while many boho traditions reign true, today’s bohemian trends are more versatile and sophisticated than ever.

Read on to learn more about how to achieve the perfectly imperfect bathroom decor that defines bohemian style today.

Mix and Match

Bohemian bathrooms are all about mixing styles, colors, and patterns in an effortless way. While this can sometimes feel like a challenge, consider the fact that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

In fact, Melina Divani, founder of the home decor site Decoholic, says the best bohemian bathrooms feel like a constant work in progress. This means that it’s okay to have items that seem to be mismatched, since they all tend to come together when paired with other boho elements. Divani also writes that because boho-themed rooms often reflect the homeowner, there’s room to infuse creativity and personal interests into a boho bathroom.

So, a good approach might be to start with a piece of art or a rug that the homeowner particularly likes. Then, you can style around that piece. Another way to achieve a successful mismatched look, according to the The Vintage Modern Shop, is to start with a specific color palette. When you know which bathroom colors your customer wants to work with, you can start choosing objects that fit into this color scheme. This will help create a cohesive feel, even as multiple elements are added to the space.


Patterns are also great place to start when you want to mix and match colors and styles.

Sally Painter, a former interior designer and commercial artist, recommends beginning with inspiration from a few key countries. Painter explains that many bohemian styles are inspired by textiles from India, Asia, Morocco and other Eastern cultures. She adds that bohemian spaces tend to feature layered colors that evoke an old-world ambiance.

For inspiration on which colors and patterns might work best, handmade decor retailer Banarsi Designs showcases a few ideas. One example bathroom uses bold patterned tile, the blue and white tile in the shower popping well against a solid white vanity. And the vanity doesn’t have to be one of the two tile colors: Any bright, bold color would have a similar effect. Patterned floor tile also works well with bohemian elements, as seen in another Banarsi example. Here, a busy patterned tile is paired with clean, white walls and hanging plants to create the illusion of space.

Vintage Accessories

A bohemian bathroom isn’t complete without a touch of vintage. Whether it’s a rug or a small trinket, vintage elements have that well-worn look that exemplifies boho themes, according to the design blog Design Bump.

For vanity cabinets pulls and doorknobs, suggest swapping out ordinary fixtures with vintage, bohemian ones. At Eyes of India design blog, a number of eccentric animal fixtures are featured which feel exotic and otherworldly. These include brass lion door handles, an elephant wall hook for towels and bath robes, and a pair of gold-plated door handles designed to look like lizards.

To find the right vintage decor and knick knacks, seek out items with character and history. Vintage perfume bottles, wooden laundry boards and woven baskets all add character,  according to A Designer at Home founder Corina Ashley. She says these elements add whimsy to a bathroom while amping up the bohemian decor.

Vintage linens and fabrics also play an important role in bohemian bathroom style. Designer Rhonda Hallstrom feels particularly passionate about the power of vintage lace. She says that vintage lace shower curtains add charm and meaning to a bathroom. Using vintage materials can imbue any space with stories of the past, providing a much more enriching experience than something brand new.

Plants and Greenery

Rae Tashman, a freelance photographer and creator of the blog Love From Berlin, writes that there are a few common items which define a rustic, bohemian bathroom. The first on her list is plants.

And adding plants to a bohemian bathroom is fairly simple because it doesn’t require much rhyme or reason.

Whether it’s a towering cactus or a humble hanging plant, greenery keeps a space feeling warm, airy and grounded. Think mismatched pots, repurposed containers, and a hanging plant here or there. Creative specialist Dana Covit shows that when creating a bohemian look, plants pair well with white walls and bright textiles. She notes that a wall filled with open shelving provides the perfect home for small plants of all shapes.

Bohemian Variations

Many people associate bohemian style with amateur paintings and tapestries attached with thumbtacks. Some bohemian approaches use these elements, but not all of them do. In fact, bohemian style is much more versatile than people think.

Luxe Bohemian

Kimberly Duran, owner of the design blog Swoon Worthy, proves this to be true. Duran features an elegant, upscale bathroom that leverages bohemian elements while remaining luxurious. Tropical floral wallpaper in purple hues is contrasted with gray and white marble flooring and a colorful herringbone tile accent wall. This bathroom follows all of the basic principles of bohemian decor: mismatched colors, exotic patterns, and pops of gold. However, the space is filled with luxurious fixtures and maintains a clean, crisp aesthetic.

Modern Bohemian

Boho interior design can also take on a modern twist. Karen Vidal, owner of Los Angeles-based design studio Studio Vidal, shows how bohemian style can feel fresh and minimalist. When renovating a California home, Vidal softened the shower doorway with a rounded arch that feels comfortable and approachable. When combined with cement block print tile from India, the bathroom assumes a more exotic feel that echoes of far-off cultures. However, the space is decorated with polished textiles, white cabinets and black detailing that keeps the space feeling classy.

The same approach to clean, white bohemian style is featured by design inspiration blogger Katy Elliott. Elliott showcases a bathroom with white floors, white walls, and white fixtures for a clean and effortlessly charming look. The bathroom is infused with an exotic rug, plants, double mirrors and a vintage sink for a bright, clean space that she defines as English bohemian.

Scandinavian Bohemian

The latest and very popular approach to bohemian decor are those with a distinctly Scandinavian touch. Referred to as Scandi Boho, this theme requires a balanced approach to mismatched color schemes and patterns.

Photographer Cathy Pyle showcases this style in a tour of interior and event stylist Dee Campling’s home in the UK. There’s an emphasis on plants and natural elements, and the images demonstrate how black and white patterns can still feel bohemian, even where there aren’t many colors present. Campling achieves this by using a large amount of greenery in a small space, which helps the plants become an accent color all their own.

Erika Yeaman, a principal and designer at YES Associates, also shows how sleek black and white palettes can still feel bohemian. Yeaman paired a bold geometric wallpaper with a vintage mirror that has gold and black detailing. These elements, paired with a vintage sink, give a more modern approach to Bohemian style. If you’re mixing boho designs with a sleek Scandinavian feel, Yeaman suggests keeping things simple: "Go with your gut rather than thinking about how you're going to design into two categories of styles."

Images by: alenkasm/©123RF Stock Photo, bialasiewicz/©123RF Stock Photo, Luisella Planeta Leoni